It’s Almost Impossible to Find Someone Who Understands The Real SECRETS of Martial Arts

Dear Fellow Martial Artist,

It’s difficult to find local martial arts training that focuses on more than drills, technique and moves…

The problem is that to completely master your body, you need more than that. You need to learn to master your mind and know just how your body works.

And it’s not just mental focus I am talking about or the philosophy of martial arts.

I’m talking about the power of energy and physics and how understanding their relationship to martial arts and your body can help you improve your skill dramatically.

Beginner or advanced, it doesn’t matter what your current skill level is…

The most important aspects of martial arts—are the ones that are frequently ignored! It’s the connection between the movements and physics that you need to understand to leverage maximum effectiveness and with minimal effort.

You need to learn to feel energy and learn how to harness its power.

Yes, I’m talking about actual scientific material and how it relates to your body, movement, and martial arts technique.

Don't Make These Common Martial Arts Mistakes

Read these common training mistakes and let me know, if any of them sound familiar to you…

  • Paying For Advancement – I have nothing against good local training programs. What I do have a problem with is this... I’ve seen plenty of programs that advance students through “belts” or levels of training without proper skill development, simply so the owners of the school can make more money.

    Systems like that take advantage of the student and give them a false perceived skill level, which crushes their spirit when they come across a martial artist that actually knows the internal martial arts that Enter Shaolin shares with you.
  • Too Much Effort, No Results – Especially, if you are just getting started, you want to make sure you are not putting in a ton of effort for limited results. This is the number one reason people abandon their martial arts dream. They give up because the results don’t come fast enough.

    People need and want techniques that they can grasp and utilize right away. While not everything can be learned overnight, it is still important to give a student tools they can implement right away.
  • Relying On Unskilled ‘Experts’ For Training – Here’s one of the biggest problems—the reason a lot of new martial artists give up is simply, because they are relying on a unskilled ‘experts’ instead of an actual Sifu or Sensei. Most people do not know what to look for when searching for a great teacher.
  • Paying For Private Lessons – There is nothing wrong with private lessons, if you can find a great teacher to train with and can afford several hours of private training a week. However, the sad reality is most people cannot afford to pay for the amount of private lessons required to be an effective martial artists, because private lessons cost $60-$175/hour on average.

    The great thing is in the era of the internet, it isn’t necessary to pay someone for in-person private lessons, unless you want to. Often times, all the additional instruction you need can be effectively accomplished over the internet—provided that the training program and communication system is proven and effective of course!
  • Settling For Low-Quality Local Training – One of the biggest roadblocks for new martial artists is finding someone to learn from locally. Some live in areas where there are no schools, while others cannot find a place to train that teaches the internal aspects of martial arts. In just a minute, I am going to explain to you why you don’t need to worry about finding a local expert anymore.
  • Not Focusing On The Science Behind Technique – This is a big one. If you ignore the physics behind motion and decide not to learn the science of leveraging energy and motion, you are not going to be nearly as effective as you could be. This happens time and time again, don’t let this be you.
  • Ignoring The Holistic Reality Of Skill Development – There are principles that you can learn which will help you effectively advance in any martial arts discipline. Understanding the physics of movement is one of these holistic principles. There are others, and they should not be ignored, if you want to be the best you can be.
  • The ‘I’m Too Old to Start Training’ Excuse – While it would be great, if everyone could start learning kung fu from a very young age… It truly is better late than never. Even one of Sifu Phu’s masters did not start training till he was in his 40’s! So many people allow their age to be an excuse for why they continue to put off their dream of becoming a martial artist. Don’t let that be you my friend.

    We have members who are just starting their training in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s! The important thing is not what age you started… It’s that you don’t delay your dream a moment longer and choose today to start now!
  • The ‘I Don’t Have a Partner’ Excuse – Don’t get me wrong… Having a partner to train with is awesome… However, it’s not a reason to not train. This is because, most of your training does not require a partner, especially when you are just starting out. And by the time you need one, trust me you will have ways to acquire willing training partners. In the site I share how I got unlimited training partners for free, once I was good enough to need them. It’s a simple method that you can do too!
  • Learning Techniques Without the How & Why – Most schools teach repetitive moves and sequences without giving you the background as to how and why the method works. Knowing the mechanics of your moves will greatly benefit you in proper structure and execution. In a few minutes, you will learn how Enter Shaolin has a different approach to the norm.
Here's How You Can Avoid Waisting Your Time

The secret is in the lessons I’ve learned training under Sifu Phu Ngo.

Following his Ngo Dac Na System, I’ve discovered the holistic realities of martial arts that I could have never realized without learning from a true master.

Sifu Phu has studied Kung Fu since he was a little boy. He’s now 42 and has spent the last 25 years helping people learn the Ngo Dac Na System that he has perfected over the years.

Together, with my business partner Jamie Pelaez (more about her in a minute), we have been working with Sifu Phu Ngo to build a project called Enter Shaolin. You might have seen some of our videos on YouTube on our Enter Shaolin channel or our sister channel Enter Tai Chi.

You see, after watching a ton of martial arts YouTube videos, I realized that most were completely ineffective. What’s worse is when I showed my friend Jamie some of these videos, even she with no training could sense they weren’t the real thing.

And that isn’t even the saddest part! Jamie had been wanting to train in martial arts since she was 4. If you watched the video at the top of this page, then you heard some of her story. It was one thing after another between parents not being able to afford lessons, not having transportation, to not being able to find a local school that teaches the internal aspects of martial arts in several states. She was even willing to drive up to an hour and a half and still nothing!

AND maybe you can relate, because even though Jamie had no real training experience… Deep down inside she knew most schools were teaching watered down martial arts and that just was not good enough for her. She knew she deserved better, and so do you! Jamie refused to settle, I hope you choose the same.

So what did Jamie eventually do? She encouraged me, no… She begged me for years (since 2009) to have Sifu Phu make an online course. She even offered to help make it happen. She had faith that learning online the right way was better than learning locally the wrong way or worse yet not learning at all!

And she’s not alone, check out some of our testimonials from YouTubers across the globe. This is just some of them, we could fill up pages with awesome result after result, check them out:

Enter Shaolin YouTube Testimonials

I’m going to be honest… In many martial arts circles learning Kung Fu online is a joke. Most people think you can’t learn without a training partner, let alone online. Heck, even I was skeptical when Jamie was begging and pleading her case!

Even Sifu Phu, though he did most of his training solo, did not think people could truly learn online.

Boy were we wrong! Person after person proved us wrong too.

So what happened next?

It took the perfect storm to make this next part happen. Sifu Phu starting noticing the results people were getting from our YouTube videos that I put up to literally ‘just see’ what would happen…

Could these people from around the world harness the power of the NDN system effectively from a mere video…

Yes, they could and they did!

And you probably guessed it… Jamie was rightfully like, “I told you so.”

But here is where things really started to come together! Jamie finally had enough of waiting for a site like Enter Shaolin to exist. So to help launch Enter Shaolin and to be able to start her martial arts training… She packed up her car to the brim with just enough room for her daughter and her and headed to NJ to work with Sifu Phu and me.

Things did not happen right away though. Jamie wanted to make sure we understood just how different the NDN system is to everything else out there on the internet, she wanted to drive that point home, so we understood just what we had to offer you.

We researched for months all the popular YouTube Channels plus the well-known to not so known teachers who already had online courses.

We watched video after video, went through courses, read page after page and then some!

I was shocked about the things we discovered…

The Problem With Most Online Martial Arts Training Is Simple…

Here’s what we discovered…

There are plenty of so-called ‘experts’ out there that want to help you.

They know that people like you don’t always have access to experts like Sifu Phu Ngo who learned generations-old techniques that were passed down to him from his Grandfather.

One thing you will notice right away is we like to be transparent and open with you always.

So, I want to let you know that Jamie and I are also online entrepreneurs, however we are much more than that. We strive to bring quality content to people on topics we know and love! Simply put, we love helping others.

However, we quickly realized many moons ago not everyone operates the same. See in some of the courses we found, it was pretty clear that some ‘savvy’ internet marketer was behind it. Because, they know people like you are looking for a convenient affordable way to master your martial arts skill online.

That’s awesome—in theory, but it was clear that these marketers did not have the knowledge to provide real value to you the faithful student. They were merely trying to cash in on a popular niche.

And it was then, when it hit me like a ton of bricks!

See, I already knew Sifu Phu’s Ngo Dac Na system was something special… However, after all our research, it was apparent that we needed to, no scratch that… We had to share Sifu Phu Ngo’s teachings with the rest of the world.

There was no longer a choice. I could no longer look at myself in the mirror each morning knowing I was hoarding these amazing techniques to myself.

Because, it’s simply not fair to you, Sifu Phu’s ancestors or people like Jamie.

I couldn’t be selfish for a moment longer!

After checking out some of the most popular video training series out there, we consulted with Sifu Phu and his prior disbelief about online learning turned into determination to provide you with a comprehensive alternative that simply works regardless of your size or strength.

And that my new friend in short, is how Enter Shaolin came to be!

Keep reading, because in a minute I want to talk to you about a special offer that we have for you today. First, let’s talk about Sifu Phu Ngo’s system and how it applies to you.

The Ngo Dac Na System

Regardless of how big or small you are, what really matters is how you use your body.

This is one of the main principles of the Ngo Dac Na System.

The Chinese have a saying, “4 ounces can move 1,000 pounds!” Our system turns this saying into reality.

Here’s the thing, the Ngo Dac Na System that you’re about to learn can be applied to any style of fighting.

That’s just a few of the reasons I am so excited to tell you about NDN—and the primary reason that Sifu Phu Ngo wanted to get involved with this project to revolutionize the online martial arts training community.

It doesn’t matter what martial arts style you know or want to learn…

Ngo Dac Na can help you become more effective and efficient regardless of your style.

Like I mentioned briefly before, Sifu Phu learned the principles of the Ngo Dac Na System from his grandfather—a generations-old system of fighting that focuses on the integral energy aspects of the body and applied physics.

And remember Jamie? Well, I want to share a little more about her involvement in Enter Shaolin. See Jamie is 32 and just started her training a few months ago. All of her training is based on Ngo Dac Na and Enter Shaolin. We wanted to make sure the training on our site was easy to understand whether someone was new to martial arts like Jamie or intermediate to advance.

We want to help you learn how to leverage the power of energy and physics to effectively defend yourself regardless of the martial arts style you use or your size and strength. Regardless, if you are new to kung fu or not. That’s what this is really about.

Don’t Let Your Style, Size, or Strength Define 
You… Let Energy Refine You!

That’s what we are really talking about.

Working with Sifu Phu Ngo, you will learn basic, intermediate and advanced principles of the Ngo Dac Na system. You will also learn how to apply them with styles Sifu Phu has mastered and especially chose to share with you, such as Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Chin Na, Qigong, C.O.R.E. training and more! You will also learn the energy application techniques that only the most experienced Sifus and Senseis have mastered around the world.

You also get complete step-by-step instructions, breaking down each style, technique, form and drill that will help you regardless of your skill level.

Enter Shaolin, is a complete online training site that thrives on providing you with everything you need to master your chosen martial arts.

It doesn’t matter, if you are a complete beginner or a Sensei. Sifu Phu’s techniques and the Ngo Dac Na System contain valuable skills, strategies, and techniques that can help you become a better martial artist, teacher and more.

Here’s What’s Included Your Enter Shaolin Membership

When you join today, you’ll get complete access to our video training series—one that is constantly updated with 4 to 5 new videos each week.

You’ll also be a part of a growing community of martial artists from around the world who are learning the Ngo Dac Na System just like you.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included…

  • Easy To Follow Training Videos – All of our videos are easy to understand and follow. WE start at a beginner level and progress to advanced techniques.
  • Learn More Than What To Do – We don’t just tell you to do xyz and trust us, so you can perform a move with no rhyme or reason. Instead, we show you why the method works and how to implement it. We also show you what not to do, so you won’t make common training and fighting mistakes.
  • Forms, Techniques, Sensitivity Training, Drills – Everything is covered; form demonstrations and breakdowns, technique examples, sensitivity training and drills you can use to fine tune your skill daily.
  • Ngo Dac Na – Learn the physics and energy principles passed down from generation to generation to Sifu Phu Ngo. These principles can be applied to any style of martial arts. Don’t let style define you, let energy refine you. These are the techniques that will set you apart from the rest.
  • C.O.R.E. (Combat, Offense, Reflex and Energy) – Learn how through isolation and control you can develop your body to increase not just speed and power, but also endurance and control.
  • Qigong – Learn the art of building up your energy with simple movements that will help you align your mind, body and spirit. Mastering these basic techniques will increase your power, help you breathe correctly and increase your mental clarity. And these are just a few of Qigong’s benefits.
  • Tai Chi – Harness basic, intermediate and advanced Yang Style Tai Chi. Learn how the form, techniques and sensitivity drills are so much more than healthy exercises! Learn how these centuries-old moves will make you a better fighter too.
  • Chin Na – Discover basic to advanced strategies of disabling an opponent through joint locking, pressure point and cavity strikes. When applied properly, Chin Na techniques can quickly disable your opponent with minimal effort.
  • Wing Chun – Discover the essence of true Wing Chun. Learn step-by-step the tactical training, concepts, and ideas all filtered through NDN principles. Mastering Wing Chun will increase your speed, precision, and power.
  • Ground Fighting – We’ll cover basic to advanced ground fighting techniques that complement our already diverse array of fighting style teachings. You don’t have to be a grappler to know how to grapple. You will learn grapple and anti-grapple moves that work regardless of your size and strength.
  • Women’s Self Defense – Our women’s self-defense course is coming soon and is the perfect application of Ngo Dac Na principles. With Ngo Dac Na, you can defend yourself no matter your gender or size. You or any woman in your life can learn how to easily defend against common tactics used on women. P.S. These techniques work for guys too!
  • Live Webinars – We host live webinars to help answer all of your questions and more. You will have access to the replays inside your Enter Shaolin membership.
New Training Videos Released Week

After the basics are covered, we move on to intermediate and then advanced techniques.

In addition to our already large selection of training videos and materials (370 videos and counting), we are constantly adding new content for you.

Enter Shaolin is perfect for aspiring to advanced martial artists looking to master new techniques and principles and/or to perfect their current style.

  • New Training On Tap –Every week we’re adding four to five new video lessons. We’re constantly looking for new ways to explore martial arts through video instruction to give you the best. We even strive to create innovative training to help those who do not have a partner to practice with. Did I mention that Sifu Phu trained mostly by himself!?
  • Free Bonus Training –Get our video on demand special release trainings for free. Others are paying $7-10 for just one of these lessons. Joining Enter Shaolin today gives you access to these bonus trainings for free.
The Only Online Martial Arts Academy Proven to Work That Is Also 100% Guaranteed

Enter Shaolin is proven to work via the principles of energy and physics.

First, all you have to do is take a look at our testimonials to see, here are some more…

People from all over the world, including Sifus and Senseis who already understand advanced techniques utilize Enter Shaolin to improve their martial arts skills.

Some even use the site as supplemental training for their students!

We’re truly a resource for everyone, from absolute beginner to the advanced martial artist.

Sifu Phu Ngo’s unique Ngo Dac Na system will revolutionize your fighting skill regardless of the style you are interested in, regardless of your size, strength, age or gender. His instruction and generations old concepts are the primary reason why martial artists sign up for Enter Shaolin every day.

A Unique No-Risk Offer

Also, you never have to worry about taking a risk with Enter Shaolin.

Trust me, we’ve seen plenty of online video-based training programs. We know that many of them are sadly ineffective.

That’s why we want you to see for yourself what we can offer you.

When you join Enter Shaolin right now—at any membership level—you’ll get a 14 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

You’ll have total access to all of our materials and training videos which to date is over 130 hours of training with 4-5 new videos being added weekly. If for any reason you don’t think it’s revolutionary, or don’t think it’s going to work for you—for any reason—let us know and we will give you your money back. Period.

There’s no risk in signing up today.

Limited Time Pricing Structure

Right now, as you read this… For a limited time we are offering a lifetime membership to Enter Shaolin for only $1697.

Additionally, monthly memberships are available for $47 per month and annual memberships for $447.

Compare those prices to the cost of in-person training at a martial arts school or even an hour of private training a week.

And these prices won’t last forever. After we hit our founding 100 members, we are going to raise the prices. Right now we are practically giving away Sifu Phu’s content.

I should also warn you, that our lifetime membership option won’t be available forever. We had to practically beg Sifu Phu Ngo to allow us to offer you this special deal, which is obviously the best option. We started it as a unique opportunity for our loyal long-term members who value advancing their martial arts knowledge and consider Kung Fu a way of life.

Below, you’ll see the special benefits you get as a lifetime Enter Shaolin member, there’s more than savings for you!

Special Bonuses for Lifetime Members Only

Again, the monthly membership is only $47 per month right now.

But, with a lifetime membership of $1697—which is less than the cost of annual public classes and certainly less than the cost of a few private lessons a month for a year, you’ll get these exclusive bonuses for life…

  • Private Skype Group – Get access to our Abbot Member chat room. Get tips, one on one help, plus chat and talk about training with other lifetime martial artists like yourself from around the world.
  • Personal Critique – A personal technique and form critique by Sifu Phu Ngo once a month. This alone is over $1,000 of extra value per year!
  • Customized Personal Training – As a lifetime Enter Shaolin Abbot member, you’ll get customized training programs based on your input and requests that only you and other lifetime members can see.
  • More bonuses coming soon!

Becoming a lifetime member is the best way to learn martial arts online long term. You’ll save the most money and get the most value over ANY training program out there, whether—in-person, online or otherwise. And you’ll get access to the additional bonuses mentioned, plus exclusive Abbot only discounts on seminars and retreats for life.

Try Us Out for 14 Days by Simply Joining Our Family Today!

Act now and join at any membership level that you choose and you’ll get our exclusive 14 day money-back trial period.

Join as a monthly member at $47 per month, as an annual member at $447, or for life (the best value) at $1697 and you’ll get full access and 14 days to try Enter Shaolin risk-free.

Only you know what the best level is for you to join today.

Here’s what happens next…

Simply, click the buy button below at your desired membership level…

Try Enter Shaolin for 14 days. Watch the training lessons; test them out.

And, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked!

We Look Forward To Serving You,

The Enter Shaolin Family

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