Ngo Dac Na Fundamental Grappling and Locking Techniques

What You Will Learn On This Webinar...

One of the things people want to learn most from Sifu Phu Ngo is how to better their ground fighting game. Generally we keep this information for our members only.

Why? Because it is truly exclusive to Sifu Phu and the Ngo Dac Na system.

WARNING: This is NOT BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) grappling.

This is the Ngo Dac Na way of grappling and an added bonus of learning some of our locking techniques.

We promise you, you won't find Sifu Phu Ngo's special sauce of ground fighting anywhere else.

You are going to learn:

  • What To Do In Grappling Situations
  • How To Not Strain When Applying Locks
  • How To Use Energy Opposed To Strength
  • How To Use Technique As Opposed To Force

You will also learn:

  • How To Use Dead Weight
  • Channeling On The Ground
  • The Bite
  • Balancing Your Locks
  • Understanding The Principles Of Locking

As the webinar is going on make sure to take notes and feel free to ask questions.

If we don't get to your question, we will follow up with an email or a video response.

Blessings & Happy Training,

The Enter Shaolin Family

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